May 07, 2018

Not Just for Tourists Anymore

This article talks about two incrediable projects going on in the heart of Downtown Miami. GGP and Ashkenazi Acquisition Corp. are investing nearly $30MM into revamping Bayside Market Place and Berkowitz Development is preparing to develop a 1,040 foot tall tower that is packed with office space, retail, and entertainment options.

Former Miami Mayor, Maurice Ferré put it best, “What’s a downtown for, except for high-density projects, which is exactly what we were looking for, it’s either that or we have urban sprawl. The history of Miami-Dade County is urban sprawl. The counter to that is density.”

Downtown Miami has enormous upside potential. Once we clear out our condo overstock, we will be on much firmer ground for growth. BRICKELL VENTURES, LLC is here to aid this process and we look forward to continuing our acquisition spree.

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